2010 TruScholars Research Symposium


Research Symposium

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Magruder Hall 1000

9:00 am–3:00 pm


Session 1     9:00 am

Moderator: Dr. José Herrera

Cut and Project Tilings of One- and Two-Dimensional Space

Maximilian Ernst

Faculty Mentor: Dr. David Garth, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Continued Studies for Optimizing a Molecular Marker Assisted Selection (MAS)

Backcross Technique for Introgression of a Novel Allele Involved in Starch Synthesis

into Genetically Diverse Maize Lines of Latin American Origin

Avinash Karn

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark Campbell

Department of Agricultural Sciences

A Photometric Study of the O’Connell Effect in Eclipsing Binary Systems

Vijay Koju

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Matthew Beaky, Department of Physics

The Maternal Effect In Population Modeling

Ujwal Sapkota

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Peter Rolnick, Department of Physics

Survey of Amphibian and Reptile Species of Wakonda State Park and Investigation of

Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Infection in the Amphibian Populations Present in Wakonda State Park

Corissa Lennon

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chad Montgomery, Department of Biology

Molecular Characterization of Coprophilous Fungal Communities

Reveals Evidence of Root-Associated Endophytes

Ravin Poudel

Faculty Mentor: Dr. José Herrera, Department of Biology

Session 2     10:20 am

Moderator: Dr. Michael Kelrick

Press Freedom as a Determinant of Corruption and

Economic Growth in Developing Countries

Ngan Bui

Dr. Terry Olson, Department of Economics

Herbert Hoover: Restoring a Legacy

Peter Johnson

Dr. Mark Hanley, Department of History

The St. Louis Cyclone of 1896 as a Progressive Reform Deterrent

Joseph Rogers

Dr. Jeff Gall, Department of History

Missouri’s African American Historic Sites: Research and Field Study

Sara Clark

Dr. Michael Kelrick, Interdisciplinary Studies

Session 3     11:15 am

Moderator: Dr. Jason Lin

Statistical Modeling in Finance: Predictions of Financial Bubbles

Kazuyuki Hashimoto

Dr. Jason Lin, Department of Business Administration

Equity Investment in Emerging Markets

Huong Nguyen

Dr. Andrew Mun, Department of Business Administration

A Study on Microfinance in China: Trends,

Impact, Challenges and Opportunities

Zhiqiang Zhang

Dr. Jason Lin, Department of Business Administration

Removing Federal Coal Subsidies and

Revealing the True Cost of Energy

Jennifer Wilborn

Xiaofen Chen, Department of Economics

Session 4     1:00 pm

Moderator: Dr. Hena Ahmad

Masculine Identity in Post 9/11 Literature and Art

Luke Icenogle

Dr. Bob Meilke, Department of English & Linguistics

The Expansion of Peter Boyd-Bowman’s Sound Charts for Romanian

Anthony Baldwin

Dr. Thomas Capuano, Department of Classical and Modern Languages

Unsettling the Binaries: Making Room for Female Agency

in the Gendered Spaces of Sunlight on a Broken Column

Madison March

Dr. Hena Ahmad, Department of English & Linguistics

An Analysis of the Style and Tone of Dewey Redman

Drew Williams

Prof. Tim AuBuchon, Department of Music

Session 5     2:00 pm

Moderator: Dr. Peter Rolnick

Computational Studies of Biomolecular Recognition in Viral Leukemia

Shane Bernard

Dr. Maria Nagan, Department of Chemistry

Quantitative Determination of Chromium(VI)

Using Sol-Gel Encapsulated Redox Chemistry

Blake Mueller

Dr. David McCurdy, Department of Chemistry

Strengths and Weaknesses in Test-Taking: In What Ways

do Anxiety and Impulsivity Impair Test Performance?

Nicholas Jacobsen

Dr. Jeffery Vittengl, Department of Psychology

The Effect of Personality on Attractiveness in the Ultimatum Game

Igor Korenfeld

Dr. Mark Hatala, Department of Psychology

Do Self-Reflection Exercises Improve Well-Being?

Peter Ruberton

Dr. Jeffery Vittengl, Department of Psychology