2011 TruScholars Research Symposium

2011 TruScholars Research Symposium
Saturday, August 27, 2011
Magruder Hall 2001

Session I: 9-10:20 am
Moderator: Dr. Rubana Mahjabeen
Histological and Gene Expression Studies of a New Developmental Mutant of Maize
Gaurab K.C.
Faculty Mentor: Diane Janick-Buckner, Department of Biology
Singing the Chinese Blues: A Cultural Analysis of the Advent of Yellow Music
Alex McKamie
Faculty Mentor: Clifton Kreps, Department of Classical and Modern Languages
Assessment of Specialty-Starch Corn Selected Using Maize Biodiversity
Marianne Emery
Faculty Mentor: Mark Campbell, Department of Agricultural Science
Burnout of College Students
Garett Foster
Faculty Mentor: Teresa Heckert, Department of Psychology
Microcontact Printing Using Shrinky-Dink Masters
Eric Fuemmeler
Faculty Mentor: Brian Lamp, Department of Chemistry
The Grameen Bank and Political Empowerment
Syed Muhammad Mehdi Zaidi
Faculty Mentor: Rubana Mahjabeen, Department of Economics

Break 10:20-10:35 am

Session II: 10:35 am – noon
Moderator: Dr. Shirley McKamie
Field Research in the Republic of Georgia: Preservation of Folk Songs in the Caucasus Mountains
Giorgi Amashukeli
Faculty Mentor: Shirley McKamie, Department of Music
The Development of Hydride Generation Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (HG-AAS) for the Determination of Lead (Pb)
Tirtha Sibakoti
Faculty Mentor: David McCurdy, Department of Chemistry
Function of the Gonopods of the Crayfish Orconectes immunis
Donald Schneider
Faculty Mentor: George Shinn, Department of Biology
The Socio-Cultural Disjuncture of Urban Institutions and Rural Communities in One Midwestern School District
Rudolf Cesaretti
Faculty Mentor: Amber Johnson, Department of Society and Environment
Searching for Pulsating Stars in Eclipsing Binary Star Systems
Manisha Shrestha
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Beaky, Department of Physics
Characterization of Dark Septate Endophytes (DSE) on roots of Zea mays and Festuca arundinacea
Deepak Bokati
Faculty Mentor: Jose Herrera, Department of Biology

Lunch for Students and Mentors 12:00-12:45 pm – Magruder Hall Cyber Café

Session III: 12:45-2:05 pm
Moderator: Dr. Tony Weisstein
Music, Meditation, and the Turkish Sema Ritual
Brockell Briddle
Faculty Mentor: Marc Rice, Department of Music
Differential Rotation: A Possible Cause of the Varying O’Connell Effect in Eclipsing Binaries
Vijay Koju
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Beaky, Department of Physics
Investigating a Novel Matrix Decomposition
Laipeng Zheng
Faculty Mentor: Michael Adams, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Lyndon Johnson and Robert Kennedy: The Political Significance of a Personal Rivarly
Connor Stangler
Faculty Mentor: Mark Hanley, Department of History
Investigating the Challenges of Applying Phylogenetic Methods to Cultural Data Sets
Benjamin Weger
Faculty Mentors: Pamela Ryan, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and Anton Weisstein, Department of Biology
“It’s Hard Being a Loving Mother”: John Waters and the Carnival of Motherhood
Corinne Schwarz
Faculty Mentor:Linda Seidel, Department of English and Linguistics