Grants-in-Aid of Scholarship and Research

Grants-in-Aid of Scholarship and Research

The Office of Student Research will sponsor Grants-in-Aid of Scholarship and Research (GIASR) each semester. The purpose of these small grants is to promote a culture of research, scholarship, and creative activity at Truman while providing the flexibility to accommodate different research styles and requirements. Projects supported by this program should involve original research but may encompass a variety of activities including obtaining preliminary data or information, exploring new topics, and continuing ongoing projects.  The OSR anticipates awarding 5-8 GIASR awards (up to $750 each) per semester depending on availability of funds.


The Grants-in-Aid of Scholarship and Research program is available to full-time undergraduate and graduate students in all disciplines. Students must be current Truman students working with a Truman faculty mentor, be in good academic standing, and plan to graduate no earlier than the semester during which the grant work is to be carried out.

Students participating in the TruScholars Summer Undergraduate Research Program may not receive a GIASR award during the summer, but may apply for support during the fall and spring semesters.  Students receiving a grant for work over the summer may be enrolled in courses during the summer semester.

Students may apply for up to two terms of grant support.

Important Dates

Semester    Call for Proposals     Deadline
Fall 2017    Aug. 28, 2017     Sept. 15, 2017
Spring 2018    Nov. 5,  2017     Dec. 1, 2017
Summer 2018    Mar. 24, 2018    Apr. 20, 2018

Student Accountability

Students that are funded will provide dissemination materials to the Office of Student Research in a format suitable for publication on the OSR website by the first day of the semester following the grant term or the last day of the semester that the student graduates, whichever is sooner. Examples might include a web-ready video describing or demonstrating the work or a paragraph description of the research progress with an accompanying picture of the student. Funding of a GIASR application for a second semester will depend on progress made in the first funding period.

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