Sample GIASR Budgets and Justifications

Sample GIASR Budgets and Justifications

Sample 1

Item Vendor Amount
Student Stipend


“The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini


$10.59 (w/shipping)

Samsung Meteor USB Microphone (Model: SAMTR)

Best Buy


4-(Dimethylamino)-1-butanol ≥97% pure, 5 mL

Catalog No. 91376-5ML-F


$167.50+$30.00 shipping



Sample 2

Item Vendor Amount
Student Stipend


Premium Membership to the website (3 months)


Subscription to the journal The Chronicle of Higher Education (6 months, 21 issues)




Budget Justification

  • This project will require me to do transcribe original tapes by listening to CDs. This task will take approximately 23 hours over the course of the semester. At a rate of $7.65/hour, this amounts to 23 hours x $7.65/hour = $175.95 in student stipend.
  • I will work on this project 10 hours a week, including a weekly meeting with my research mentor (150 hours total). However, I am only requesting compensation for 95 hours of work. At a rate of $7.65/hour, this amounts to 95 hours x $7.65/hour = $726.75 in student stipend.
  • A subscription to The Chronicle of Higher Education will allow me to understand the results of this study in the context of modern issues in higher education.
  • Five websites will be examined over the grant period. All of them are free except A premium membership will give me full access to genuine conversational Spanish spoken by Costa Rican natives.
  • The chemicals and laboratory supplies listed are required to carry out the procedure of Allen and coworkers. (insert reference)
  • All the books contain background information to better understand the Afghan society in the 1970s.


OfficeMax Contract

All office supplies must be purchased through OfficeMax – just put in the online OfficeMax price and the actual cost will end up less.

If OfficeMax does not provide a product, then state that this is the case and provide your preferred vendor/price.

Fisher Scientific Contract

Fisher Scientific ( Shipping and Handling included.

Other Discounts

Carolina, Bio-rad (educational prices), Sigma. Discount varies.

Amazon Purchases

On Amazon, if it’s over $25, sometimes shipping is free (super saver rate).