Interdisciplinary Research Community Grant

Interdisciplinary Research Community Grant

Interdisciplinary Research Community Grant Application


  • Our Junior Interdisciplinary Seminar (JINS) courses are one of our greatest assets at Truman. Our ability to collaborate and think across disciplinary boundaries sets us ahead of many of our liberal arts peers.
  • These grants will foster a greater sense of community across departmental and disciplinary boundaries. Having a collaborator across campus is a lot closer than across the country or the world. Mentors that have a shared vision to educate Truman students are more likely to understand and support each other.
  • In order to provide transformative undergraduate research experiences, there have to be a large number of faculty who are able and willing to mentor undergraduates.
  • Undergraduate research has been shown to be a transformative experience that develops critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

Guidelines and Requirements

These Interdisciplinary Research Community Grant proposals should be written by two mentors, each from different departments, who will collaborate on a research project that involves and trains two undergraduate students, one from each of the mentor’s departments.  Projects may be new or ongoing. Mentors choose student participants. Mentors may be involved in as many projects as they would like, however, mentors will only be compensated for up to a total of 2 TruScholars and/or IRC grants in any combination. (i.e. 2 TruScholars, or 2 IRC, or 1 TruScholars and 1 IRC)


Projects will be funded up to the maximum value of $10,000 per team and should equate to an eight-week equivalent period of time over the summer  (beginning June 5 – July 31, 2018).  Budget may include:

  • $1,500 max stipend per mentor
  • $3,000 max stipend per student
  • $1,000 max allocation for materials

Any material budget greater than $500 must be subtracted from the max stipend budget amounts at the discretion of the mentors.


The deadline for applications, which are written by the two mentors, will be February 9, 2018.

Previously Funded IRC Projects Contact Office of Student Research