TruScholars Program Application

TruScholars Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Application Deadline: Monday, Feb. 9, 2017, 11:59 PM

2018 TruScholars Program Application

To apply for the TruScholars Program:

  1. Identify a Truman faculty member to serve as a research mentor.
  2. Work with your research mentor to prepare the application materials.
  3. Assemble all the application materials to be uploaded including:
    • contact information for the student
    • contact information for the faculty research mentor
    • PDF or Word copies of items 1 through 5 below

TruScholars Program Application Materials

1. Project Description
Specifications: 4 pages max. including references, written by student and mentor

  • A research question or line of inquiry with research goals clearly articulated
  • The rationale for researching the question
  • A methodology or research plan that is appropriate to the scope of the proposed project and to the 8-week program duration
  • If the research involves human or animal subjects, a plan to acquire approval from the Institutional Review Board ( or the IACUC before the start of the TruScholars Program
  • References to relevant scholarly work
  • See the FAQ for answers to formatting and organizational questions.

2. Educational Benefits Description
Specifications: 2 pages max., written by student

Students should describe what they will learn and how this opportunity will help them grow intellectually. Students may address this generally but also how this proposed work relates to their declared major or their intended career goals.

3. Mentoring Plan 
Specifications: 2 pages max., written by mentor

Faculty members should address how they will mentor their student in research. This will include practical communication mechanisms (e.g., frequency of mentor-student meetings? how often? in person? email? skype?), how the mentor will train the student in research methods and how the mentor will assess achievement of the student’s learning objectives.

4. Faculty Mentor Availability Form

Mentors should fill out the PDF form and upload the completed form along with the application.

Note that this is a PDF form, with fields that should be filled out in the PDF file itself. The completed form can be saved in Acrobat Reader using the “Save As…” command in the file menu.

5. Budget
Specifications: 1 page max., written by mentor and student

The budget should include an itemized list including a total and a Budget Justification. The itemized list and a total should preferably be presented in a table format and indicate if shipping costs are included. Budget Justifications do not need to include a justification for stipends, but all other items should have a description of the item and how it relates to carrying out the project. All expenses must follow University guidelines.

Each faculty mentor-student team may request up to $5,000 in funds. Funds may cover stipends for the student (max. $3,000) and faculty mentor (max. $1,500). Monies for supplies and travel to conduct the research may also be included but do not have a maximum value as long as the total budget does not exceed $5,000.

Student Stipend max. $3,000
Faculty Mentor Stipend max. $1,500
Supplies and Travel max. $500
Total Budget max. $5,000

Faculty may mentor any number of students in the TruScholars Program but will receive a maximum stipend of $3,000 for mentoring two or more students.

Students may not divide the stipend among multiple members of a research team; each member of a potential research team must submit a separate application.

Application Submission Issues

If you wish to update your application with new information, you must submit an entirely new application via the online application form. Only the last application submitted will be considered; any earlier applications will be discarded.

Report any problems or direct questions about the application process to the Office of Student Research at or use the feedback form.