Truman Research Opportunities

Research for Credit

In some majors you can receive academic credit for conducting research. In others, research is imbedded into the curriculum. Please ask a faculty member in your major or the department research pages below for more information.

Scholarship Hours, Work Study or Paid Research

Faculty may be looking for students to join their research teams. Look on TruPositions and search for “research.”

Office of Student Research Grants

  • TruScholars
    These are grants to conduct intensive research with a faculty member over the 8-week summer session.
    These are small grants to conduct research during the academic term (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Research Opportunities by Department

Specific Research Opportunities

  • McNair Program
    Students who are a first-generation college student, have a low-income background, or are a underrepresented minority student, may qualify to become a McNair Scholar. The McNair Program is for students interested in going to graduate school. Students apply for the program in the fall of their sophomore year.